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No matter what type of business you own, it is paramount to facilitate a healthy working environment for your staff and your customers. Absolute Hygiene strives to ensure that the highest level of hygiene is maintained and hygiene protocols are in place across all industries serviced. If hygiene standards are not met it can, to a greater or lesser extent, create hazards to the health of your staff and customers.

At Absolute Hygiene we analyse the cleanliness of your business - communal surfaces, instruments used - through microbiological testing. We follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure that the same standard is kept across the board. Stringent testing of acceptable microbial contamination is performed to ensure that any business that is "Absolute Hygiene Approved", meets the highest standards.

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Newest Technologies

At Absolute Hygiene we use luminometers to accurately determine the cleanliness of a wet or dry surface. The amount of light detected per sample is directly proportional to the amount of residue in the tested sample. The higher the reading, the higher the amount of contamination in a sample.

Continued Customer Support

Once we have tested your office or work space, we will continue to ensure that the highest hygiene standards arex maintained with monthly check-ups. We offer support to those companies that may struggle to meet the required standards in terms of staff hygiene training and correct hygiene protocol implementation.

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